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Laith Adel’s Remarkable Work in the Field of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Helping Businesses of all sizes.

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Laith Adel’s Remarkable Work in the Field of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Helping Businesses of all sizes.

August 31
00:12 2021
Civil Engineer to a CEO of Global Project Portfolio Management Solution

CEO and co-founder of pmo365, Laith Adel, has led a team that has created a platform to effectively manage all aspects of projects, programs and portfolios – to bridge the gap between project management tools and project portfolio management tools.  pmo365 is differentiated by offering a centralised, integrated and completely customisable PPM management platform that runs in the customer’s existing Microsoft 365 tenancy.

Laith, a civil engineer, started his career in the construction industry before moving to IT as a consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS).  He now works to create digital PPM solutions for businesses and government agencies globally.  His experience has helped him drive the creation of a cloud-native, client-owned system, rather than a traditional SaaS.  According to Laith “pmo365 offers the opportunity to integrate tools and applications that customers want to use with our pmo365 platform in your existing Microsoft 365 cloud.”

The ongoing Covid lockdowns has made management platforms like pmo365 essential as a hybrid work environment.  Projects need to continue whether staff are office-based, in the field or working from home. Laith notes that “the demand of hybrid workplaces and the digitisation of tools and processing is driving demand for pmo365.”  Laith also speculates that this change or evolution of the project portfolio management working practices has always been coming, perhaps Covid has just accelerated it.

Pmo365 has been winning global clients from Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia where cloud-native PPM solutions are being demanded.  In this technologically digital landscape, a PPM solution that is not hosted by yet another SaaS vendor in its proprietary cloud, but by the same vendor that hosts most of the client’s business applications (i.e. Microsoft), appears to have enormous appeal.

As companies continue to utilise various tools and data sources to manage their projects, a PPM platform that integrates them all is needed and this is where pmo365 can help businesses achieve their own unique project management goals and objectives.

About pmo365:

Pmo36 have been partnering with corporate and government PMOs (project management offices) across Australia since 2008.  A well-deployed, well-managed and well-supported Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of project, program and portfolio management within any organisation. It helps organisations to both DO THE RIGHT PROJECTS and DO PROJECTS RIGHT.

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