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Meet Aritra, the visionary who became the Indian Weeknd making his first million through Music

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Meet Aritra, the visionary who became the Indian Weeknd making his first million through Music

May 17
09:34 2022
Meet Aritra, the visionary who became the Indian Weeknd making his first million through Music

An appealing tale of a young boy who has spent his entire childhood learning classical music from his mother and used to write his own songs and merge multiple the genres to reproduce his own music from the tender age of 6.   Well, this is the journey of understanding the artistic mind of Aritra Das, an independent RnB singer from Ahmedabad, currently practicing his art in Kolkata, who is exploring his relationship with various genres and engaging with the environment to reflect his mind through music.

His name has been all over the place. Aritra Das aka Aritra, a 22 year old leading Kolkata based Indian RnB artist makes songs about the other side of the life. The side that people often refuse to talk about, that is filled with dark secrets, addictions and guilty pleasures. He is recognised to be beautifully putting them together.

The inspirational story of Aritra having been done everything since childhood to become the artist he is now. Born in Mumbai and raised in the city of Ahmedabad, the singer discovered his knack for music at a very early age. With the help of his mother Aritra initially started with classical Hindustani Indian songs and later on got inspired by the genres of RnB, Hip Hop, Rock and Soul. This man is not only a singer, but also a song writer as well, and aims to create a world where people can openly express their inner self. He grants a space for those who are prohibited from sharing their emotions, feelings and secrets and becomes a voice for them through his music.

In a generation where people are so easily influenced by lust, greed, power and jealousy, the RnB singer represents a whole new perspective to the world. It takes time, talent and efforts to make a name for oneself in a world full of art. Where the industry is striving to get shows in the name of talent, Aritra has built his territory in the industry with his sheer talent and uncompromising efforts. While everyone is busy in their own routine living and normal life, he became the shadow of the unspoken lives.

It’s remarkable to watch how he makes an impact on people’s mind by bringing out the darkest secrets, pain and every other note that people are not willing to share, through his art. How he makes people believe that he is not just an artist, he is them. In a world where no one is there to share things to, he listens, understands, and magically brings them through his voice. He is the peace maker that one didn’t find in this chaotic world.  

Acclaimed by the likes of the legend, Salim Merchant, the dark prince of RnB was little when he started his journey as a classical singer and look what a young handsome talent he has grown up to be, that he is often called The Indian Weeknd. This blooming talent blends genres cooking his own new sound which gives a new vibe altogether. Accompanied by his flamboyant personality, it took him no time to rise to stardom.

The young talent hasn’t just been into singing and song writing he has also trained himself to play the keyboard from a very young age and later gripping his hands over the sitar. With such a dynamic talent background he is no less than a prodigy. With back to back hits his success grew, his songs have crossed over 50k streams on Spotify and are still growing. M90 radio toppled 150k streams on real time premiere of Honey Trap. Touring Pan India post the pandemic he is on his way to make his first Million by the end of this year. Combining his angelic voice with his musical prowess, he steps into the world full of materialism, hunger and lust with his head held high to bring out the true self of the person, freeing him from all his miseries.

Standing in the world of unknown, he is the embodiment of every person’s favorite R&B artist. This man is a booming legend who proudly holds the title of the Indian Weeknd.

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