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Travel Trends for 2022 Suggest It’s Time To Get The ‘GOAT’ On

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Travel Trends for 2022 Suggest It’s Time To Get The ‘GOAT’ On

May 17
10:10 2022
Adventurous, multi-generational trips are all the rage. Go large, go hard and book ‘Greatest of All Trips’

Sonoma, California – May 16, 2022 – Few would disagree that the Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the everyday life of the entire planet and has been emotionally and mentally exhausting.  Travel, leisure, family time, and team-building activities were put on the backburner. However, as the dangers of the pandemic sunset, life is slowly, yet steadily, moving back to normalcy, making this the perfect time to pack all bags and set out on that once in a lifetime trip, solo, with family or with colleagues.

The travel outlook for 2022 and beyond looks good.  Everyone is ready to make up for lost time!  Enter the ‘Catch Up Consumer’.  If 2021 was a ‘test-drive’ on how the travel industry would fare post-pandemic, then 2022 is a ‘travel for reconnection’. The love affair with a foreign holiday remains strong. Despite the pandemic, the desire for overseas travel has not dimmed. A Forbes magazine report on travel trends says “after dreaming of freedom for the past few years, people are finally beginning to release their pent-up passion for travel.”  In fact, a new era of globe-trotting has emerged.  Everyone wants to wring every bit of the richness and meaning they can out of their experiences. Pent-up wanderlust is driving future travel trends and highly immersive experiences are hot.

Consumer confidence in travel is on the rise.

Alex Coburn, Anthropologist and Safari Guide with Mopani Expeditions, a destination travel company which offers hosted experiences to the African Bush up close and personal through a unique and highly immersive Conservation Safari, believes now is the best time to explore exotic destinations and travel the world as most countries have started to welcome tourists back with open arms. “We’re finding that people are looking for rich and meaningful experiences, and most with multi-generational families.  They are wanting to make up for lost time. They want ‘impact travel’. Their dreams trips are no longer a fantasy.”

CNBC Travel seems to agree. They are predicting 2022 will be the year of the “bucket list” trip where people feel there is this ‘sense of urgency’ to travel.  CNBC Travel spoke with luxury travel companies who say “guests feel they have lost two years, and older clients are concerned about having fewer healthy years left to travel.”  Expedia echoes this sentiment as well calling 2022 the year of the GOAT, or the “greatest of all trips”, and safaris favor highly on this list as there is no better place than the birthplace of humankind to escape to and nurture nature as a family or as a corporate team.

Mopani Expeditions’ Conservation Safaris offer adventurous opportunities to experience Africa and the beauty and majesty of nature at its best – under the guidance of the protectors of its flora and fauna. Their expeditions are immersive and meaningful experiences unique to the continent.

“The pandemic has changed people’s perspective on a lot of things, particularly the mood of travel,” Coburn says with a smile. “Americans are planning more trips this year to exotic destinations.  After two years of uncertainty they feel they need to seize the day-a bit of Carpe Diem!”  Travel bookings are up which is good news for travelers and good news for the economy. “People are ready to go! Go big and spend big!  Immersive experiences are all very popular right now!  Everyone is ready to see the world!”

About Mopani Expeditions:

Based in Northern California, Mopani Expeditions have been tailor making creative and immersive African Safari trips for over 15 years.  These trips are timeless adventures families and corporate teams can enjoy.

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