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Delhi Bears the Brunt of Heat; Rain Likely Early Next Week

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Delhi Bears the Brunt of Heat; Rain Likely Early Next Week

May 18
16:27 2016

heatdelhiNew Delhi, Wednesday, May 18 – Weather conditions have lot to do with behavior of the human beings and living creatures. When climate is pleasant, people love to come outside, enjoy sightseeing with kin even when it is not the weekend. But when temperature goes up, streets look not so busy in the daytime.

As a matter of fact, scenario is almost the same in this day and age for the reason that mercury is again rising and almost on the way to set a few new records of the season. Here is to mention that some comfort was introduced by dust storm and drizzling lately during late hours. Residents thought that the national capital will witness considerable precipitation, duration of which wasn’t long but enabled populace to get a little bit respite from scorching heat for some time and took mercury down to a certain extent.

If current information over weather in the national capital regions is to be believed then the mercury is supposed to surge up to 45 degree Celsius by the end of this week. A drop of 2 degree Celsius in maximum temperature is on the cards on Monday thanks to possibility of scattered thunderstorm. Days from today till Sunday are to remain extremely warm as a result of clear skies and no indication of rainfall. Minimum temperature will vary to and fro between 28 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius in the same span of time.

Here is to mention that skin piercing heat will not allow dwellers to feel energetic particularly at noontime given that intensity will increase to an extent not expected earlier. Noticeable change may be observed in the speed of winds, which will blow at the rate of 13 km per hour to 23 km per hour. Instead of offering any comfort to the residents, the gust might get intolerable post being coupled with sunshine. Time for peak summer is just here. Inhabitants will need to be careful as sudden transition in climate comes with a number of health problems, which if not taken into account could be troublesome in the near future. Staying indoors will be of help to the people residing in different regions.

Doctors are encouraging people to opt for healthy measure to keep health problems at bay. They put emphasis on inclusion of 10 to 12 glass of water will help individuals to easily maintain body equation and stay hydrated. To get rid of any possibility of facing skin infections & allergies and other complications related to digestion etc, advice from doctors and proper medicines should be taken without wasting any moment as it is not every time effective to cure a disease through self-medication or home remedies. Good news regarding temperature may be near as weathermen expect rain to hit the city soon. It has already been raining in Chennai and possibility of overcast sky remains for entire week.