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Hopes Up from Modi Government in Remaining Years of Rule

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Hopes Up from Modi Government in Remaining Years of Rule

May 26
14:26 2016

modi1New Delhi, Thursday, May 26 – It has rightly been said that success and failure are parts of life. It is obvious that one can’t be successful at different stages and throughout his life but it doesn’t mean that he/she can’t learn from experience gained while attempting to be at top or stand out amid others.

If truth be told then defeats give people strength to perform in a much better way next time since by now it is understood that what was lacked previously that did not let them taste victory. Same concept can be applied to a certain extent on Modi government that completed two year of its rule on May 26, the historic day when Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party, took oath as the 15th Prime Minister of India.

As a matter of fact, it was certainly a dream come true for the majority that cast their votes in favor of saffron party to bring BJP-led National Democratic Alliance into rule and end a long stint of Congress Party in the centre. Thanks to a landslide victory on the rivals in the elections held a couple of years ago, confidence of Modi and his cabinet was sky-high. To be honest then the best thing that happened was that they did not let success make them move away from the right track. The criticism from different parties can’t be avoided. Even BJP did the same when Indian National Congress was in governance. It is a common practice in politics to pull legs on trivial and insignificant and this wouldn’t end ever, to tell the truth.

Here is to mention that news channels and eminent newspapers will have their own report cards for Modi government work in last two years and that will catch the eyes too, of course. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a few panels of many expert failing ministers of BJP in their mind, taking into account the kind of jobs done by them, while some will value and appreciate the tasks accomplished at different stages, taking the figures of development into consideration. People won’t be astonished to see reviews of channels, magazines and papers differing from each other since no one considers himself less intelligent than anyone and tries to give emphasis to all points which may or may not bother populace. However, eyes can’t be closed to the truth that real mentors to write earned points on report card of the government are voters, who usually step outside avoiding weather conditions, whether hot or cold, and leaving behind other challenges to make their votes count on the day of voting.

When time comes, the mob shows a way out to a party that is overconfident and gives chance to someone who can assure of work for the common man and prove abilities by taking steps that are meant to be beneficial for everyone. Fuel prices disturbed budget of the people residing in different corners of the country during the rule of UPA. It declined more than a few times, allowing customers to save a little bit from the money they kept for spending on monthly fuel. Daily commuters who prefer commuting from personal vehicles without a doubt get disappointed if they have to pay higher amounts to get petrol and diesel for their vehicles given that a random or unexpected hike is never welcomed. In fact, whenever fuel prices increased in the past, opposition got a chance to throw up volley of questions on the ruling party. But at the same time, one can’t nullify the fact that inflation has been a tad down. Lower class people are able to manage two-time meals which did not look easy a few years ago.

It is tough to forget the horrifying condition in the market when tomatoes were once sold at Rs. 100 under UPA’s rule. It was when elections were a few months away. Comparisons are done and none can help it anyway since good and bad about a party and its members keep people busy. Taking into consideration what the last party did in the country and what NDA is doing now, the citizens feel a bit relief at this moment as they are able to save a lion’s share of money from their earnings each month or day that wasn’t likely before 2014 elections thanks to soaring prices of almost each commodity. Giving jobs to all unemployed will certainly take time, however, attempts are being made and this counts, for sure. To make India a 100 per cent literate country, time will be required as nothing big can be done in a day.

It is a process. There is a dream which is a key to bring the entire difference and this has the weight. No matter how other political parties see and calculate efforts of Bharatiya Janata Party, the thing that has got the substance is public’s verdict during next elections post evaluating all plus and minus of Modi government. Not to forget that more than 50,400 gram panchayats have been connected with broadband till April, 2016. Electricity has reached in nearly 7,766 villages till mid of May. As per a recent data, nearly 1.02 crore people gave up their LPG subsidy. It shows that citizens are ready to do their bit if motivated in a right way. Chances of ups and downs are always there. Still expectations of the mango people are up from Modi and his ministers in the remaining years of rule. If work is accomplished finely at this stage, half of the battle will be won when fresh elections take place.