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Do People Prefer Relation on Mobile More than Meeting Others in Person Now?

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Do People Prefer Relation on Mobile More than Meeting Others in Person Now?

July 08
13:37 2016

phnsNew Delhi, Friday, July 8 – Communication can be a fun part if the mobile model selected for personal use supports modern-day features. People have now become choosy whenever a cell phone is planned to be bought. This can be considered a good approach in view of the fact that buyers spend time on knowing more about the product they are planning to purchase.

But it is a bitter truth of the present time that people are more focused on making friends through social networking sites. Check a profile that was created almost a year ago, more than 200 friends can easily be found there, making a point completely clear that people are active internet users and prefer knowing others more through the small information provided on one’s profile.

In the metro cities, it is rare that neighbours know each other’s name. Thanks to busy schedule and less communication on the personnel front, interactions are hardly seen. When kids do not see their parents having a conversation with anyone on a daily basis, except domestic help, it becomes tough for them to be friends with children of their age group. This is one of the reasons why kids like playing video and mobile games than getting outside and play cricket, badminton, volleyball and football. Outdoor sports are pivotal for growth of kids.

Exposure to multiple challenges in a particular sport helps them make wise decisions as well. Parents are always there to guide their children but they forget to comprehend that it is equally important for them to learn new things regularly. Everything is available on internet, right from various recipes to stitching methods. As a matter of fact, people have begun to believe that life can be lived alone or with a few others they know personally. But yes, whenever a photographs is posted as profile picture or cover photo, they expect it to get liked by as many as friends possible.

It is the time to know in which world are we actually living where we see people clicking pictures wearing a fake smile. It is not surprising any more to see populace seeing mobile phones as the first thing in the morning. Human beings are steadily turning slaves to technology. Basic morals seem to be vanishing too. It has been lately when two MBBS students threw a dog off a terrace in Chennai just for the sake of fun. The act was recorded in the camera. It is tough to understand what kind of attention they were looking for by doing such inhuman act. Numbers in selfie-related deaths and accidents have also increased. Before it gets too late, it would be far better to sit for a while and spend a quality time in thinking how the life should be lived to multiply happiness.



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