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No Showers in City Make Dampness Rise

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No Showers in City Make Dampness Rise

July 11
14:43 2016

dampNew Delhi, Monday, July 11 – Monsoon arrived on a weak note in the Delhi and people bore the brunt. Some rains were expected late last week but no such possibility turned true. All those people who were looking forward to a pleasant weather during the weekend were disappointed as humidity made things difficult for them.

People at various popular places were seen keeping themselves hydrated by consuming cold water. The sticky feel was a problem for living creatures. Clouds were seen covering the sky for more than a few minutes but that did not open doors for showers.

At a certain stage, it felt as if rainfall will occur and decrease dampness to a little bit but all such hopes died in a short span of time. Some breather from damp climate was felt early today. The soft gust made everyone heave a sigh of relief, which unfortunately did not last for long. As of this week, partial cloud cover will remain in picture.  Moisture will continue to increase given that thunderstorm is probable from tomorrow onwards.

Maximum temperature of week will vary between 29 degree Celsius and 32 degree Celsius, while minimum temperature between 26 degree Celsius and 28 degree Celsius. Heavy rainfall may greet Delhiites tomorrow. Traffic usually crawls in most of the Delhi regions and scenario is going to be no different thanks to waterlogging. Speed of the wind is to oscillate between 10 km per hour and 19 km per hour from today till Sunday.





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