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Education, Employment Pivotal to Build Healthy Society

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Education, Employment Pivotal to Build Healthy Society

July 21
17:03 2016

educationNew Delhi, Thursday, July 21– Importance of education is well understood by each family. Whether one is rich or poor, he/she tries to send kids to the school in the anticipation of better future of theirs. As a matter of fact, education sometimes appears as an alone solution for a number of problems existing in the society.

There are more than a few families who yet have faith that educating boys is highly profitable in the long term. This is the reason why they think sending daughters to school an unnecessary burden on their pocket. In view of the fact that girls have to go at a different place after their wedding, a few parents consider making them learn only about household chores a good idea, which is actually not!

It is a woman who makes a house a home, a place where full of comfort and ease is felt. Without a doubt, role of a woman is huge and beyond comparison in everyone’s life. She may be present in the house as a mother, sister or wife. It is perhaps that God’s gift that she passes on best thoughts and mantra of living a peaceful life no matter she has earned basic education from any institute or not.

Education is important for everyone – both men and women. But why is it so that girls in most of the rural areas are confined at home to give a hand to their moms in domestic tasks, which may be cleaning the house, washing clothes & utensils, preparing meals and so on? If light is put on the fact then it will be found that when one educates a man, he may or may not pass on his knowledge to others, but an entire family is cultured when a woman is educated.

It is well known to everyone that a mother is first school of her child. Role of a father is massive as well in each family. There have been several cases where men of our society had set perfect examples as a bread winner and homemaker as well. So many things depend on how the male member of a family thinks to lead a good life. It is not a new point to notice that daughters and wives are able to work at a particular place or office after being granted permission by the head of the family.

This is the stage where significance of education is learned. There is nothing wrong to discuss or share about future projects but a person (whether a man or woman) must try to make his/her own decisions. Schooling of kids is imperative as this brings discipline in their lives. School timings are always early since it is to let students learn the significance of waking up during the sunrise and get geared up for spending the day by learning new things. Energy level is high among teenagers and keenness to learn about what’s happening across the globe adds to the knowledge quotient. As education is necessary for one’s growth, employment is important in the same manner. What’s the use of learning when that can’t be utilized in the further stages of life?

Visible change can be noticed after employing people searching for a job as per education. When someone has a job in his hand according to their talent and education earned during school or college, chances of paying attention to unconstructive things reduce to a great extent. A significant drop in cases of eve teasing, sexual assault and criminal offences can be noticed if work load is put on the shoulders of a person. Responsibilities make people get no or minimal time to get engaged in acts that are disturbing. Situation at home improves as well the moment money starts to come in.

Moreover, poverty can be removed also if every educated human being tries to help other in need with whichever way possible. Education helps people learn the difference between right or wrong. They come to know that a lot of problems can be solved without losing the cool since anger can never be a solution to any problem. Knowledge should be earned from wherever it comes and it must be shared and spread. This lends a hand in improving lifestyle and staying updated with current developments.


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