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Rains in Parts Comfort Populace in Capital

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Rains in Parts Comfort Populace in Capital

July 27
17:41 2016

rainNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 27 – Rainfall in spots is possible on Wednesday as the sky got overcast in the early hours. Showers lasting for a few minutes a day ago were coupled with pleasant wind, bringing the mercury down but taking moisture quotient up to a certain extent.

According to latest reports about weather conditions, it will be mostly cloudy throughout the entire day. Dampness is to be high as well since rain is around. Clamminess will be 78 per cent but this would drop up to 74 per cent during the weekend. For the reason that sun hid behind the clouds for some time, stickiness increased vastly turning somewhat troublesome. Intensity in sunrays was harsh as well. But complete overcast in the later hours brought some comfort.

As per weathermen, gloomy climate will be a common picture and is probable to stay by the end of this month. Trivial drizzling was observed a few hours ago in some Delhi regions. Chances are high that the city observes precipitation in good percentage by the end of the day. Monsoon has been average so far but temperature is bearable this time. However, this wasn’t the case some days ago when most states reeled under extreme heat. If truth be told then rainfall certainly made the hotness to plunge to a few notches. Not to forget that dwellers in Delhi, Telangana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and other places suffered a lot as a result of scorching heat during May and June period. Death toll also rose in various parts as soon as mercury crossed the mark of 45 degree Celsius and more. Rainy weather, on one hand, has let people heave a sigh relief, creating trouble for commuters on the other hand.

Humidity in air is already a problem. Homeless people find it difficult to sleep in open. Some hospitals in the metro city are usually swarmed by patients who complain about infection in throat & skin, fever and cough. Issues in digestion have increased as well, especially in those who prefer eating food sold outside. The transition in weather is troubling mostly newborns, young kids and old people. Problems are no less for the people who get exposed to suddenly rising and falling temperatures. The key issue with this climate is the rise in number of dengue patients. A few also report about being affected by viral influenza. Inhabitants want comfort from the gust that is supposed to blow at the pace of 16 km per hour today. 20 per cent rainfall remains on the cards that is considered to spur the thought that rainy days are ahead. Doctors guide people to take care from their end so that time can be enjoyed instead of being spent on a hospital bed.


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