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Eco-Friendly Ways to Immerse Idol Helpful to Save Aquatic Animals

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Immerse Idol Helpful to Save Aquatic Animals

September 14
14:15 2016

idolNew Delhi, Wednesday, September 14 – Development in various aspects has made human being strive for best. People are cautious about their health whether one earns hefty sums or ends up having just a small amount. Everyone tries to pay money for those eatables and drinking products that are healthy and nutritious.

If truth be told then it is totally different topic to discuss that people belonging to lower class don’t get to eat quality products that are available at a high price, which is beyond their capacity. Eyes can’t be shut to the fact that they also make efforts to get the best in whatever they earn. A big point to study here is that if people belonging to different classes can’t risk their lives by taking doze adulterated foodstuffs then why don’t they think about the health of watercourses, which are home for several aquatic animals?

During festival seasons in India, water bodies get ruined after a huge number of idols made from heavy metals for example manganese mercury, chromium and lead are immersed. Ganesh Chaturdashi is celebrated across the country. The festivity unites people. Ganesh visarjan is to take place soon. In the midst of celebration, followers bid adieu to Ganpati idols, which are bought and placed at homes at the beginning of Ganesh festival, which lasts for 10 days. Immense dedication is shown while praying and silently speaking a long list of wishes to the Almighty but our hearts do not bleed when same idols are immersed in water after the festival gets over. To tell the truth, biological oxygen demand (BOD) levels in rivers amplify considerably whenever idols are submerged.

People think their job is over after celebration but they could not see and feel this makes fishes and other aquatic animals, which breathe air or extract its oxygen by specialized organs known as gills, or through their skin, to die each year. Improper immersions pollute environment as well. It is tough to see conditions of rivers after immersion of the statues post Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja every year. It is a shame on us that idol to which we offered our prayers for success & peace are left in the rivers and there is no one who could care whether these get properly submerged or not.

A lot of people, however, came forward this year too and focused on going for green. Eco-friendly ways to immerse Ganesh idols were popularized so that people can learn the significance of clean water, which is life for us and animals living in ponds & rivers. Environmental friendly statues cause no harm when immersed in water. Chocolate Ganesha caught the eyes too. More than a few kilos of chocolate are further immersed in several litres of milk. The idea was to distribute chocolate milk prasad milk to underprivileged people. World will change if everybody is eager to do their bit in a manner that could help many enjoy the festival time to the fullest.

Small size idols can be immersed in a jug or bucket and poured back into the soil. Eco-friendly clay can also reduce risk factor. Instead of polluting our water bodies, people must abolish idol immersion in rivers as early as possible. In a scenario where developments are introduced in a short span of time, it is not a tough part to search for the ideas that could allow living creatures lead their lives without any problem. It should be everyone’s responsibility to take care of plants, birds and animals.


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