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Warm Days in Rainy Season Likely to Dampen Festive Spirit in Capital

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Warm Days in Rainy Season Likely to Dampen Festive Spirit in Capital

September 26
14:35 2016
rainNew Delhi, Monday, September 26 – People expected to see frequent rainfall in the city in the last few days of September. However, hopes seem to die as warm and sunny days are to stay in picture a bit long than anticipated.
Some clouds in the sky at different time intervals in the previous week spurred the thought that it may rain after some time from now but only some regions received shower, and that too, in trivial amount.
Monsoon arrived on a weak note in July but weather was good, making people get a desired break from sunlight, which bothered them to a great extent from April to June period. Some percentage of rainfall would have made the mercury to drop considerably but it appears that Delhi is to receive plenty of sunshine in the coming days.
Rain kept city lanes wet in the last few days of August but same scenario wasn’t observed every so often in the present month. Showers lasting for more than a few minutes are not even predicted in the current week. In view of the fact that several people are to celebrate Navratri festival, followed by Dussehra, a tad transition in weather is eyed. In the meantime, considerable amount of precipitation is not on the cards, the festive spirit may get dampened as hot climate, especially from early hours till midday, usually disappoint people when they plan to step outside.
If truth be told then it is also true that nobody likes rain playing spoilsport on important occasions. Navratri being one of the major festivals observed by Hindus, people wish for mercury to drop a little bit even if rain is not to be witnessed. Poor arrangements came into picture after showers turned dirt paths to mud soup, creating a mess for everyone soon after the arrival of rainy months. Provided that not all road of the national capital were properly constructed, the real problems and ground reality were faced. People travelling on a rainy day met traffic at various places.
Here is to describe that the season to get affected by sudden drop and rise in temperature has arrived. Maximum and minimum temperatures are to fluctuate in the range of 36 degree Celsius and 27 degree Celsius this week. Humidity will be on the rise varying between 48 per cent and 52 per cent. Sun may play hide and seek on some occasions but that is not to add any problem. Wind is to blow at the pace of 11 km per hour.


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