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Hazy Sunshine to keep Weather Warm in Delhi

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Hazy Sunshine to keep Weather Warm in Delhi

September 29
16:24 2016

hazeNew Delhi, Thursday, September 29 – September seems to say goodbye on a warm note given the fact that rainfall has been sporadic this month in the city, making the moisture level to follow an up and down trend. It has been intermittent this time and possibility to find similar conditions in the remaining days of this week is high too.

Sun is to play hide and seek on Thursday as well, augmenting the percentage of mugginess, which may not be a problem due to average temperature. Weather conditions are probable to change early next week, bringing 10 per cent to 40 per cent rainfall in the national capital. Time yet remains to enjoy the transition. The sky is to remain partially cloudy today, letting a few regions observe drizzle in the late hours. Overcast sky is expected to come into picture during new month. Soothing winds might pave the way for a pleasant weekend in the metropolitan city.

Temperature is supposed to drop a few notches, making population get exposed to mixed climatic conditions. Rainfall hasn’t been observed in the recent times, compelling Delhiites to bear the brunt for a bit long than expected. Some regions have been witnessing plenty of sunshine that is not too common in final month of the third quarter. Despite the fact that partial gloominess may offer some relief during the daytime, there exists no strong probability of considerable rainfall in the latter half of the day. If truth be told the surroundings will be very warm with hazy sunshine. According to available weather reports, frequent increase in intensity of heat during noon will give people carry on getting the feel of summers.

Maximum and minimum temperatures will fluctuate between 35 degree Celsius & 37 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius & 27 degree Celsius, respectively. Likelihood of trivial downpour looms but that will not let climate turn soothing. The only comfort is eyed by the winds, speed of which will increase from 8 km per hours to 11 km per hour from today till Sunday. Humidity will go up from 48 per cent to 57 per cent during the same span of time. A few days in October might get misty, however, that wouldn’t put a ceiling on heat from gaining ground. Several people in Delhi are yet complaining about being feverish and feeling discomfort in swallowing due to sore throat. Dengue and chikungunya attack together in a few cases has increased worries for both patients and the doctors.

Consultancy from health experts is regularly been sought by those showing symptoms of mosquito-borne diseases to get rid of these problems and other health issues that are on the rise at the present. Doctors give an opinion to the inhabitants not to ignore any symptom of seasonal flu for the reason that this could be difficult to deal if ignored for a long time. Residents need to be attentive while maintaining temperature of the rooms through electronic equipment. Instantaneous increase and decrease in temperature within the premises may create huge trouble for the body to cope up. Unpredictability of climate may augment to a certain extent in the coming weeks. To tell the truth, untimely thunderstorm, speedy gusts, clear sky and dampness in the atmosphere may show different faces of climate within a short span of time. People are to often wake up to hazy mornings. The pleasant chill in the air before dawn is to come to rescue before the day turns sun-drenched.