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Nimble Property Management Changed Uniform for the Summer Season

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Nimble Property Management Changed Uniform for the Summer Season

May 30
20:22 2017


According to Mr. Tan Bingzhao, the president,The ceremony of changing uniform for the summer season was held by Nimble Property Management for their staff serving in the 45 neighborhoods at 3:00pm on 9th May.


As directed by Mr. Tan Bing Zhao,to standardize the uniforms of the property management staff and show the owners a good image of service, Nimble Property Management holds a ceremony of changing uniform for the summer season on 1st May every year. The ceremony this year showed the owners a vibrant and united team of Nimble Property, facilitating the brand building of Nimble Group.


The ceremony started at 3:00pm with the Women’s Team, Security Management Team, Customer Service Team, Engineering Management Team, Environment Management Team, and Owners’ Representative Team marched on in sequence.



The owners also organized a team to participate in the ceremony, which embodied their supports and good relationship with Nimble Property Management team and their wishes to build a dream home hand in hand.


Talent shows were given by the teams during the ceremony. The Women’s Team performed gesture guidance for parking, the Security Management Team drilled the duty-shifting ceremony and the Customer Service Team performed service etiquette exercise.


Mr. Ma, as the representative of owners from Sunshine Garden, gave his high praise to the thoughtful service from Nimble Property Management and regarded Sunshine Garden as the second hometown of the owners.


At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Huang Jidong, the General Manager of Nimble Property Management, said that each activity held is an opportunity to show the owners the image of Nimble Property Management, and he further pointed out that property service should be infiltrated into the daily life of the owners and executed with carefulness, patience and love.


Nimble Property has been focusing on the building of its brand all the time, while the yearly changing uniform for the property management staff further reflects its meticulous enterprise management. Mr. Tan Bingzhao, the president recognizes the importance of the image of its property management staff, as they not only represent the image of the company, but also serve as a bridge between the company and the owners. Good image and meticulous service of the property staff delivers the owners a stable, superior life experience and a warm and sweet community with of sense of belonging and happiness.

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Company Name: Nimble Group
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