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Australia’s First Bee Venom Cream Invented by EAORON Having the Strength to Solve Skin Anti-aging

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Australia’s First Bee Venom Cream Invented by EAORON Having the Strength to Solve Skin Anti-aging

August 04
11:32 2020

After resisting the old age to become another big demand after the whitening, which brand can carry the banner of the “anti-aging” trend that attracts much attention? Australia’s EAORON, the world’s leading skin care brand, has been committed to insight into the needs of modern women’s skin care, committed to solving different skin problems for women who love beauty from the root. Recently, a reporter has learned that following the invention of the EAORON bee venom mask that is popular around the world, then EAORON adds bee venom anti-aging star product, namely bee venom cream. It is reported that this bee venom cream combines bee venom, R3 bee venom restoration factor, green propolis, Manuka honey and other palace anti-aging ingredients. And it can also stimulate the regeneration of collagen, repair the microenvironment at the bottom of the skin from the root, and make the skin easily achieve “reverse growth”.

EAORON, with years of dedicated research and exploration in the field of “bee venom”, will comprehensively demonstrate its skin rejuvenating black technology from four dimensions, and realize the revolutionary upgrading of bee venom skin care products, that is, faster, more accurate, more ruthless and more stable, so as to promote skin rejuvenation from the inside to the outside. The description of EAORON’s bee venom cream research and development director Victor is as follows: compared with bee venom mask, EAORON bee venom cream can be said to be a strengthened version of bee venom mask, which has higher concentration of bee venom and can make bee venom play the biggest anti-aging effect.

“After all, people are unlikely to apply a mask every day, while face cream is used as a stable product, and it can be used every day, and its anti-aging effect will be more consolidated,” Victor said. The absorption rate of the cream increased to more than 3 times in the EAORON technology. In addition, through the application, it can increase 51% of bee venom activity transformation, promote 68% skin absorption through the skin, and achieve a magic experience of a wipe of high-efficiency anti oxygen, a touch of rejuvenation, a night of firming skin, and a bottle of rejuvenation.

In terms of composition, Victor indicates that the EAORON bee venom mask contains four major anti-aging ingredients:

First of all, its core component “bee venom” comes from New Zealand, which is a rare venom extracted from the secretion of local Manuka worker bees. At the same time, this kind of venom will not cause harm to human body, but is a kind of liquid with great skin care effect. And it is reported that after contacting the skin with these venoms, it will stimulate the skin to produce natural collagen and elasticity, making the skin tight and smooth. This effect is cumulative. After people insist on using it for a period of time, the skin will naturally become tight, smooth and full of elasticity without the help of external force. Therefore, it is called “natural botulinum” in the beauty industry.

Secondly, there are also a large number of R3 bee venom recovery factors in the ingredients, which can repair the cell damage caused by exogenous, thicken the barrier resistance and enhance the self-healing ability of the basement. Also, “green propolis” with natural soft gold and New Zealand Manuka honey are also potent anti-aging ingredients in EAORON bee venom cream; the former can stimulate the regeneration of cell vitality and speed up the self-healing speed of skin; the latter can effectively resist oxidation and free radicals, and help the skin return to its original and transparent state.

Finally, the EAORON research and development team has carefully formulated moisturizing ingredients including 5-fold hyaluronic acid, reactivation grass essence, ceramide, squalene, beta glucan and other moisturizing ingredients for bee venom cream, and the aim is to keep the skin constantly hydrated and accelerate the skin of young skin. The trial data of EAORON bee venom cream show as follows: 86% of the subjects felt that the brightness of the skin increased significantly after use, while 92% of the subjects felt the skin dry and tight; after 14 days of continuous use, 95% of the subjects said that their skin was more glossy, while 90% of them had less skin lines and better moisturizing effect.

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