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BOC Sciences Lanuched a New Biotinylation Platform

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BOC Sciences Lanuched a New Biotinylation Platform

October 24
03:35 2020
Recently, BOC Sciences announced to launch a new biotinylation technology platform for the scientific community.

New York, USA – October 23, 2020 – Recently, BOC Sciences, a New York-based chemical and pharmaceutical supplier, announced to launch a new biotinylation technology platform for the scientific community.

Biotinylation is the process of attaching biotin to proteins, nucleic acids or other molecules. Because of its small size (molecular weight = 244.31g/mol), biotin is rarely likely to interfere with the natural function of molecules. Besides, biotin and avidin has a strong affinity, so the interaction between them is very fast, and once the bond is established, they can survive under 3M guanidine hydrochloride and extreme pH conditions. Biotin can also be coupled to the terminal oligonucleotides and the internal sites of multiple sites. Biotinylation has been widely used in many detection systems.

Applications of Biotinylation

• The biotin tag can be used in affinity chromatography together with a column that has avidin (streptavidin or neutravidin) bound to it, which is the natural ligand for biotin.
• Biotinylation identification (BioID) is a unique and sensitive new method to screen for protein-protein interactions in living cells.
• Biotinylation of BCCP (biotin carboxyl carrier protein) is very important in fatty acid biosynthesis. BCCP initiates the growth of fatty acid by AcCoA carboxylase to produce malonyl-CoA.
• Any peptide labeled with biotin can be visualized with avidin conjugates.

BOC Sciences provides biotinylation services for a variety of substances, including peptides, antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids, nucleotides, glycosphingolipids, oligonucleotides, and magnetic nanoparticles.

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About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences has been closely involved with drug discovery, chemistry and life science by supplying a comprehensive collection of chemicals to researchers, such as inhibitors, metabolites, impurities and natural compounds. Meanwhile, it also provides a wide range of services through all stages of drug R&D to support the pharmaceutical industry, like custom synthesis of chemicals, isotope labeling, formulation service, antibody drug conjugates, chiral synthesis and resolution.

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